Growide portfolio management Ltd.



Open culture

GPML encourage open communication, feedback and discussion about any matter of importance to an employee. Growide Portfolio Management limited respects open discussions , feedback and appreciate interest among employees in sharing and maintaining conducive atmosphere. This is directly reflected in the high degree of job satisfaction found among the various employees of the company, which further leads to better customer relations. The company strives to maintain an amicable work culture between the junior and senior employees.

Equal employment opportunity

GPML is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on grounds of gender, race or religion. The company attracts and retains women employees and offers them fulfilling career along with an opportunity to excel and develop in themselves the culture of team spirit. The company encourages an easy companionship between all employees.

Platform to excel

GPML sets a platform for building leadership qualities in its employees by providing strategic, visionary, open and involving environment.

Employee An asset

At  Growide, people are believed as the greatest asset. GPML attracts people with diverse background from all over the country and provide opportunities to enhance their knowledge and retain the best talent pool for the Company. The company values each person's perspective. The different points of view that employees bring to the table help us offer superior services and solutions. The company offers adequate ambience and facilities to its employees to grow and nurture their skills thereby enabling higher levels of performance.

Professional & personal growth

We operate on the principle of being fair to all our stakeholders including employees. Our comprehensive performance management systems ensure handsome rewards for employees who exceed expectations. Regular feedback and inputs from mentors, team leaders and the management at Growide portfolio management Limited help develop leadership traits, interpersonal skills and a win-win attitude.

Stress free environment

While promoting healthy internal competition and an atmosphere of high energy, we ensure that working GPML is stress free and conducive.

Grooming Internal talent

Many of our employees have been associated with us since inception. These individuals have grown through the ranks in the company by sharing their insights and experience. This in itself is a testimony to the fact that the company strives to provide its employees the best possible platform for growth and opportunity.

Attractive compensation

We believe in our employees and their ability to deliver results on time and hence the compensation packages we provide are among the best in the industry. Top performers are rewarded with attractive performance linked bonus, incentives, etc.